Salary and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

We offer various subsidies and gifts for those important days, such as wedding, Birthday and three major festivals. We also offer year-end bonuses and performance bonuses based on regular/irregular staff reviews, allowing employees to share our earnings.

Insurance and Retirement

In addition to legal insurance, we also offer group insurance to our employees. In accordance with relevant retirement regulations and systems, we contribute 6% of salary into the employee's personal account as pension cost every month.

Vacation and Leisure Life

We fully comply with relevant laws and regulations to provide employees with annual leave, and encourage employees to properly use annual leave to obtain adequate and appropriate rest and achieve a balance between life and work. We also provide related benefits such as maternity check-up leave, childcare leave, paternity leave and other related benefits to create a friendly work environment.

We encourage the establishment of diversified clubs and provide books and magazines for colleagues to read, so as to develop diverse interests, learning and growth, cultivate team awareness and tacit cooperation, and also encourage non-official cross-department communications. At the same time, various department dinners, employee trips, and year-end parties are also held for time to time, hoping that the team consciousness built under participatory management can be condensed.

Other Benefits

We provide free health examinations arranged by the company for new employees. For colleagues with more than one year of service, medical institutions are selected to provide professional health examinations. In addition to general routine examinations, in-depth professional examinations are also provided to maintain and check good health status of employees.